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First , Get A Pan Fill It With Water. Secound , Wait Till It Boils. Third , Breath In Through Your Nose & Out Your Mouth. Fithh , Run A Hot Bath "not too hot". Sixth , Hold Your Breath For 15Secs While The Water Is Running. Seventh , Sit In The bath For About 10-15Mins . Then Get Dressed Then Lay Down For About 30Mins . Then By Then It Should Be Cured(: *This Is No Joke* It Acutally Works*

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Q: How do you get rid of sickly dizziness?
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Try some Febreze.

How do you get rid of dizziness and a stomach each?

try lying down, relaxing and then going to sleep :)

How do you get rid of dizziness?

if you mean dizziness from spinning around, just spin the oppositeway, it sounds pathetic, but it actually works. try it now, spin one way, then spin the other way.

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Can you help me feel better and get rid of shakiness and dizziness due to inner ear in time for Christmas?

No. You probably want to check with your doctor.

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