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well that's hard if you love her and she doesnt love you and you have a child together and see each other offten it can be hard for you ...if she not down keep convos short and to the point ..... find new intrest and put all your lovfe into the child you have together

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Q: How do you get over your ex girlfriend when you have child?
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Can an ex girlfriend make you pay for her lawyer when going to court over child support?

Yeah, if it's your kid.

Can a ex wife make her ex husband's new girlfriend pay child support?


Does alex reid have a child?

yes he had one with his ex-girlfriend

What if your girlfriend mentions her ex husband every time you talk?

Maybe your girlfriend isn't over her ex husband.

If a former bf tries to report a car stolen and his kid is in the car with the mom while they live together what happens to the ex girlfriend if she is pulled over?

Assuming she is the child's mother, or has some kind of legal authority over the child, it is not a crime for her to have possession of the child. However, if she does not own the vehicle and does not have permission to use the vehicle, she has stolen the vehicle. The ex-girlfriend can potentially be arrested for the theft of the motor vehicle.

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend is going out with your ex-girlfriend?

there is not much you can do you just have to get over them both

How do you get over your ex-girlfriend who started dating someone else a week later?

she is your ex-girlfriend so,let her date leave her

Can my ex-girlfriend keep my last name from my unborn baby?

Even married the mother can choose the last name of the child. Ex-girlfriend means nothing in a legal sense, she can choose what last name to give her child.

Can you add your ex-girlfriend on Facebook not letting your current girlfriend see her on your list?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and since you have a new girlfriend you should be more respectful of her and move on from your Ex. You are heading for trouble if you add your ex girlfriend onto Facebook because sooner or later your girlfriend will find out. Put yourself in your girlfriend's place ... how would you like it if she had her ex on Facebook and kept it from you.

What do you do when you want your ex boyfriend back but he has another girlfriend?

get over it

What do you do if your ex-girlfriend dumps you?

GET OVER IT!!!! You will be better off that way

How do you know if he is over his ex girlfriend?

If he has nothing to do with her and you have the trust in him when he says that he is.