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break your own heart by getting them to break your heart until you can't take it any longer.

I could give you my ex girlfriends phone number & you could ask her.

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Q: How do you get over some one you love but they are no good for you?
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What would you do if your boyfriend find out that you love some one else?

tell him your in love with some one else and that you cant be with him tell him good bye

What do you do if you love some one from tv and thay don't if you egistes?

Get over it

What are some idioms in love?

One idiom describes being in love as being "head over heels."

How can one show love to their friends?

One can show love to their friends by being a good listener and giving good advice. You can also be a good friend by making a big fuss over their birthdays or anytime they have an important accomplishment.

What are some good love drama horse TV shows?

Heartland is a really good one.

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Why doesn't Erika love me anymore?

because she has changed and you need to get over her because theres 'other fish in the sea' so i say good luck to you and i hope find some one else to love u

How should one try to win over a good friend who likes you but does not love you?

one spicific way is to always be there for him ro her,no matter what.He will learn to love you.

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How do you tear away from a crush who you know you shouldn't really have a crush on?

One way to get over and forget some you love is to fall in love with some else.

What if you fall in love with some one and they break your heart?

the love of your life isn't good enough for you finda new lloeve