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Q: How do you get flem out of your chest?
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When did Bjarne Flem die?

Bjarne Flem died in 1999.

When was Bjarne Flem born?

Bjarne Flem was born in 1914.

When was Bjarte Flem born?

Bjarte Flem was born in 1958.

What is flums new binweevil account?

username is flem password is flem manor

When is flem on binweevils?

flem is just a daft cow pig and never online

When was Paul Le Flem born?

Paul Le Flem was born in 1881.

When did Paul Le Flem die?

Paul Le Flem died in 1984.

When was André Flem born?

André Flem was born on 1967-12-15.

When did Flem D. Sampson die?

Flem D. Sampson died on 1967-05-25.

When was Flem D. Sampson born?

Flem D. Sampson was born on 1875-01-23.

Does flem come out in your poo?

Well only sick bastards like you have flem come out in their poo!

You have Flem but im not sick?

you are sick if you have flem go to the doctor before you pass away and cover yourself