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ask your parent what to do

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Q: How do you get craps to go away if a tums didnt work?
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Do you have to chew tums for them to work?

you don't have to chew them to make them work. but chewing them and any other tablet medication will make it work faster

Where can I acess acid reflus treatment in Airdrie AB?

At your local doctor or even Rite Aid if you are willing to try some over the counter medicines like Tums or Raids. They work for me so they can work for anyone. Try it out you'll like the tums.

I need a remedie for a woman who has a stomach ache at 27 weeks pregnant?

Take tums, they are safe. I believe they also have tums with gas relief. Also try mint or ginger they work well if you can handle the taste.

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tums usually work just fine, so does pepcid ac, and also pepto bismol.

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Tums, Mylaanta, are other such medications provide short, instant relief. H2 blockers like Pepcid and Zantac try to lessen the production of acid, particularly if Tums and similar medications don't work for a person.

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