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To be quite honest with you. Guys do that. I'm a guy so i know how the game goes. Your ex doesnt care about you. If he really loved you he would wanna be with you. I mean if you loved someone you would wanna be with them right? he just says that because either he doesnt wanna see you with anybody else. or he just wants to string you along like a play thing. saying just enough to keep you around but not enough to show he really cares. To put it simply. IF A MAN LOVES YOU HE WILL SHOW IT IN EVERYTHING HE DOES!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you get a guy to stop messing you around and be straight forward with how he feels He is my ex by the way and has recently told me that he still loves me and then completely ignores me?
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it means that he doesnt like you any more. Sorry.

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