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you have to be in a single convo first then press the little person with the green add button and pick your friends and press ok

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Q: How do you get a group chat on msn?
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Where is video chat on MSN?

the video chat is on the bottom panel of your msn window

How do you download msn chat room?

You cant download msn chat room. MSN chat rooms are web based, you need to sign up and go their chat web pages. You can download MSN aim, which allows you to talk to people you know.

What is an MSN?

Msn is a progam which allows you to chat with friends,

Does MSN Messenger provide video chat?

Yes, the newer versions of MSN Messenger do support video chat.

Texasgal333 msn chat do you have any knowlege of thomas78723 from yahoomatchcom?

Texasgal333 in msn chat does not have any knowlege of thomas78723 from yahoomatchcom.

What is 'Tous les soirs nous tchattons sur MSN' when translated from French to English?

Translation: Every evening we chat on MSN. (MSN is a popular chatting application in France)

Are there games on MSN?

Yes There Are Quite A Few Games On Msn, Simply Click A Friend On Chat, At The Top Of The Chat Click Games And Browse And Play The Many Games On Msn!

Is msn a chat room?

No it is not a chatroom

What does you on msn?

On MSN you can chat to friends, go on webcam,play games and stuff :))

When did MSN chat launch in Saudi Arabia?

It is launched 2002 as MSN 7.

Is MSN a chatroom?

Exactly msn is not a chat is a online is not the same think because you need to add people at your contacs to chat

How do you talk to someone on msn?

Add the desired person on MSN, after his approval you will be free to chat with him when he is online.