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If you want a boy to respect you, you should show them whos boss, lay down the law. Boys will soon think its easy to get away with things that are totally out of order, & if your just letting him get on with it and worshiping him at his feet hes going to think he can get away with it all. Boys are selfish and very stuck up, if you want them to respect you, say no! Make them want you, just pander round them keep away until they want you, if they dont chuck the sod

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Q: How do you get a boy to respect you?
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Is Randy Orton a mommy's boy?

No he has no respect for anybody. (Donna says in response to^ that filth [ he is married with a daughter obviously hes has respect for them artard]) July 16, 2008 No he is not a mammas boy and the person above has no clue about who Randy respect or doesn't respect.

Do boy animals respect girl animals?


What usually makes a boy lose respect for a girl?

What usually makes a boy lose respect for a girl is when she says or does something that completely changes his view of her. For example, if a girl lies to a guy, he may end up losing respect for her.

How does a Virgo girl attract a Virgo boy?

With respect and consideration.

What do you do if the boy you like is with his friends?

Just be yourself and act natural. He will respect you for that.

What do you do if your boyfriend calls you a b?

If he calls you that he most likely doesn't respect you like a lady. You should find a boy who will treat you with respect.

Which boy is for yuliana?

Only Yuliana can choose which boy is best for her. She should find a boy that shares similar interest, has the same beliefs, and treats her with respect and love.

What does it mean when a girl suddenly develops respect for a guy she never knew?

It means that the girl is intrested in him and wants the boy to like her for her respect and dignity.

What are the problems regarding boy girl relationship?

Honesty. Trust. Disagreement. Respect.

How do you know if a boy really likes you like he says he does?

If he treats you with respect. I know this from experance.

Should a boy resent when a girl draws on the line?

no they should not they should respect the girls chioce

How do you be a very good boy?

if you have to become a good boy you should always respect elders and never use foul language.jorse bolo jaimata di