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Ay do not now

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Q: How do you get Munna to fall asleep in PokePark 2 wonders beyond?
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Where is munna on Pokepark 2?

Munna is in the Crag Area's Colluseum. When u pass the darmanitan and go into the other area, turn right and Munna is on the roof thingy. She wants 10 Aroma Candles. I have completed the game and i'm not sure if that changes anything.

How do you get munna in Pokemon Black?

You can get Munna at the Dreamyard.

What does munna evolve in to?

munna evolves into musharna

How do you catch munna in Pokemon Black?

You get Munna at the Dreamyard.

Where do you get munna in white?

You can find Munna in the dream yard but to evolve a munna into musharna you need a moon stone unless you find a wild musharna but i evolved my munna with a moon stone

What type of Pokemon is Munna?

Munna is a Psychic type pokemon.

What stone evolves munna?

You can evolve Munna by using a Moon stone on it.

What level does munna evolve at?

Munna evolves when its given a Moon Stone.

What level dos munna evolve?

Munna evolves when you give it a Moon Stone.

How do you evolve a musharna Pokemon white?

Ah do you mean how to evolve Munna into Musharna? Cause you cannot evolve Musharna as it's Munna's final form. But Munna evolves by Moon Stone. So just use it on Munna.

What number does munna evolve Pokemon?

Use a moon stone. Also, I LOVE MUNNA!

How do you evolve Munna on Black and White 2?

You can evolve Munna into Musharna by using a Moon Stone on it.