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If what you mean is that you want to help you boyfriend embrace his inner sissy and accept the role of a sissy, then communication and manipulation is key.

Knowledge is power and the knowledge you need here is the intimate knowledge of your boyfriend's mind, especially as concerns his sense of self, his sexual imagination, and his insecurities. A "sissy" is essentially a man who releases himself from pressures of living up to the social and cultural roles of "being a man," by surrendering the traditional prerogatives and symbols of masculinity. All men feel the burden of living up to cultural expectations of masculinity - although they carry it off to varying degrees. To get your man to put down that burden and accept (even embrace) his deepest fears of emasculation by acting them out, you use the the intimate confidence of your relationship to have him share his deepest vulnerabilities and then exploit them. A common way to do this is through the eroticization of fear that is S&M fetish play.

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Q: How do you force your boyfriend to become your sissy?
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