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oh i know!

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Q: How do you fix faulty equipment in a shop?
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How are problem with faulty equipment managed?

how are problems with faulty equipment managed

What is the best way to deal with faulty electrical equipment?

The best way to deal with faulty electrical equipment is to have it repaired or replace it.

Where can retail shop fitting equipment be purchased?

Shop fitting equipment can be purchased from a variety of stores. The equipment can be purchased from PRLog, Aliexpress, HKTDC, and Shop Equipment Limited.

How do you fix a laptop?

That depends on what is not working on the laptop. You shouldn't fix something that isn't broken. +++ Very true, but in fact there is little in a laptop that the user can repair anyway, certainly without specialist equipment and knowledge - if you have them you won't be asking - and even then it almost certainly comes down to replacing a faulty assembly rather than actually repairing the faulty circuit.

The horn on your 1999 Nissan Altima GXE works only occasionally How do you fix that?

sounds like a faulty horn switch. take it to a shop the switch is located in front of the air bag

Can you go to the apple shop to fix a kindle?

If it is authorised apple shop, they will only fix their product.

Is shop equipment an asset?

Yes, if it's your shop.

How do you fix faulty indicator on Mitsubishi 380?

380 indicator switch

How do you fix the code po118?

My guess is you have a faulty temp sensor, replace it.

How do you fix your laptop screen when it has a long length?

take it to a shop and tell them to fix it there normally the shop you buy it from that is the shop you should go to hope this helps

How do you fix a faulty spark plug on lawnmower?

Buy a new one - replace it!!

What cheap equipment do hairdressers use?

equipment from poundland and the 99p shop