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The people who will look most like you share the same genes as you. That is, your family! Look around at your siblings, parents and cousins and chances are one of them looks like you.

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Q: How do you find someone who looks exactly like you?
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What do you call someone who looks exactly like someone else?

A twin

What does it mean if someone looks exactly like you?

It means you have a double

What is it called when someone looks just like you?

A person that looks exactly like another is commonly known as "Identical" A doppelgänger.

Has anyone seen someone who looks like Rukia?

her sister Hisana I have a friend named Rachel who looks exactly like her, I also have a friend named monica who looks just like orihime (she even has the hair pins).

What do you do when you like a guy who doesn't exist?

find someone that's real that is exactly like him

Is it ok to like someone who you don't find pretty?

If course it is. Liking someone should never depend on their looks but on their personality. You can't be friends with someone who looks great but treats you like garbage.

Is there really someone somewhere who looks exactly like you?

No. Environmental factors do make a difference, but even identical twins reared in the same environment aren't exactly alike.

Is there a bird of paradise bird which looks like the Bird of Paradise plant?

Not exactly... more like someone has a good imagination and the plant is colorful and pretty and looks vaguely similar. Sort of like with the elephant ears plant.

What does run as if his life depended on it mean?

It means exactly what it looks like - someone is running as fast as if he would be killed if he slowed down.

Someone looks exactly like you like a twin?

well i don't really know but i have heard that people may have said to me that everybody has at least one double

A boyfriend but I'm a bit chubby and not that good looking what do I do?

If they only like you for your looks, they're not worth it anyways. Find someone who'll like you for your personality, not your looks.

What is the meaning of doppelganger?

A Doppelganger is a person who looks exactly like someone else.