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H. Pylori is a bacteria thought to cause ulcers. Dependent on the state of ulcers, one may have no symptoms or have abdominal discomfort.

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Q: How do you feel when you have HPYLORI?
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can you take ornidazole in Hpylori

What is the name of medium used for rapid urease test for hpylori?

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Cure for h. pylori?

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Can you eat boiled egg if you have hpylori?

H. Pylori is the bacteria associated with the development of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. There is an antibiotic cocktail given to get rid of it. Food is generally not a factor in ulcers in spite of what was common practice in past years--"ulcer diets", etc.

Can Amoxillin cure HPylori?

Amoxicillin 1000 mg twice/day with metronidazole 800 mg or satronidazole 300 mg twice/day and one of the protone pump inhibitors, twice/day for two weeks is one of the popular regimen to eradicate the H. pylori infection.

Why macrolides are used for the treatment of Hpylori induced ulcers?

Macrolide is a class of antibiotics. H.pylori [Helicobacter Pylori] is the ONLY BACTERIA THAT SURVIVES IN THE ACIDIC CONDITION OF THE STOMACH causing stomach infection.Macrolides being antibiotics are used to kill this bacteria in the stomach are so are used in treating H.pylori infections.

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