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Q: How do you feed a paralyzed person?
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Does a paralyzed person still have reflexes?

not in the places there paralyzed...

Can ground squirrel live if paralyzed?

No because if it can not move it will not be able to feed itself.

What sentence can you write on word paralyzed?

The person was paralyzed when he watched t.v. for 48 hours straight

What cinda of person doesn't move?

a paralyzed one of course silly

What is the antonym for zombie?

The antonym for zombie is living being or sentient being.

What would you call a person filled with horror?

Terrified, Paralyzed by fear, scared, Horrified

What can happen to a person with spinal cord injury?

a person with a spinal cord injury could become paralyzed or go into a coma

What happens to a person who is left hand side paralyzed?

The right side of their brain doesn't work

What happens when a spinal cord is crushed?

either get paralyzed and become like a vegetable until the person die or that certain person die.

Is caitlyn beadles paralyzed?

No shes not paralyzed! (: (:(:(:(:(:(:

How affective is massage therapy on paralized persons?

Massage Therapy can be a very effective treatment for a person who is paralyzed.

What are the characteristics of spinal polio?

This type produces the classical image of a person whose legs have been paralyzed