How do you exhale?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You are inhaling and exhaling right now. In fact, you are inhaling and exhaling throughout the entire day! Exhaling simply means breathing out, just as inhaling means breathing in.

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Q: How do you exhale?
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When you exhale you breathe?

When you exhale you breath out.

What is a sentence using exhale?

You exhale when you sigh.

How do fish exhale?

They exhale through the mouth.

What is the path taken as you exhale?

Exhale co .2

What do you remove when you exhale?

You remove carbon dioxide when you exhale.

How do you use the word exhale in a sentence?

i had to exhale or i would die.

What is the past tense of exhale?

The past tense of exhale is exhaled.

When you exhale does your diaphragm lower?

The diaphragm moves up when you exhale.

When was Inhale Exhale created?

Inhale Exhale was created in 2005.

What take place when you and exhale?

take place when you inhale and exhale?

What takes place when you exhale?

take place when you inhale and exhale?

How do you put exhale in a sentence?

I'm still waiting to exhale.