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Lick his penis, suck it, put it between your breasts( if your a girl), then if your a girl, stuff ur nipples in his mouth.

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Q: How do you drive a man crazy in bed?
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What does it mean when a guy says you drive him crazy and you drive him nuts and does it mean he has deep feelings for you?

Answerit does depend on which way he meant it, "you drive me crazy" might be a compliment, but "you drive me nuts" does not sound like a compliment. But even if both were meant nicely, it more inferes he has sexual feelings for you but he may develop deeper feelings later! AnswerIN WHAT context it was said makes a BIG difference!! IF he says these things when the both of you are kissing and hugging; in bed with the fireplace aglow,I would think that he has deep feelings for you. HOWEVER; if he is saying these things while you are having an argument, and he storms out of the house and speeds off....then I would say that he thinks/or you DO drive him crazy! In that case, I would say that he doesn't have deep feelings for you. He even may be reminding you, on a regular basis, so you won't freak-out when he dumps you for someone who doesn't "drive him crazy". If he falls under the second category, don't waste another SECOND with him life is too short!

What does it mean when a man tells a women that she has crazy eyes?

Most of the time it means that her eyes are very pretty.

When a man hugs you tight what could that mean?

He most likely likes you as a potential bed partner

What does a man like to hear that really turns him on?

How big his penis is, or hear you scream or yell his name in bed.

Can a man prove that he is a virgin?

If a man is a virgin, he doesn´t need to prove... the one who will actually have the pleasure of beeing the first - will sure find out that she has a virgin in her bed.

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