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An annoying colleague is one that gets on your nerves. They seem to do things that you cannot stand and you do not like to be around them.

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Q: How do you define an annoying colleague?
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What is an anoying collegue called?

An annoying colleague is called a loner, a dick , or the one who "retires" early

Was your ex-colleague or is your ex-colleague?

Is your ex-colleague.

What do you call a person that you use to work with at your job?

Colleague. colleague, co-worker, collaborator

How do you use colleague in a example?

How do you use colleague in a example

What word means the same as colleague?

what is a same mean of colleague

Does someone like you have a simile in it?

Yes, because you are comparing two things using "like" or "as" and you are using it to describe something, or put a picture in someone's head. At first, I thought it wasn't, but my brain argued, like an annoying colleague.

What is the Malayalam word for colleague?

The Malayalam word for colleague is 'സഹോദരൻ' (sahodaran).

What is a sentence with the word colleague?

My colleague and I are working together on the new project.

How do you think your colleague would describe you?

How do you think your colleague would describe you?

How do you spell colleaugue?

The correct spelling is colleague (coworker).

How may syllables in the word colleague?

There are two syllables in the word colleague. CO-LLEAGUE! Some people think that colleague has three syllables like CO-LLEA-GUE. But it Isn't.

What syllable of colleague is stressed syllable?

In the word colleague the first syllable receives the stress.