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Are you actually doing anything he should be grateful for? Try stopping it for a few days and watch his reaction. In many cases he is so accustomed to what you are doing that he no longer appreciates it. Remind him of what you do and why.

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Politely point out his inconsiderate actions and see if he changes. If not, he is an inconsiderate boar and you might want to rethink your relationship. Some people are inconsiderate without meaning to be, due to their upbringing or culture, so you should give him a chance to show that he cares about you.

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Tell him it's obvious there is something wrong, and to please trust you enough to discuss it with you. If this is just a passive-aggressive ploy to get attention , tell him you can't spend your time not being real with a person who can't or won't engage in honest communication. Tell him there is no future for either of you in a relationship that is not based on trust.

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Q: How do you deal with an ungrateful boyfriend?
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