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good food and lots of water helps

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Q: How do you cure bad urine scent?
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What can urine cure?

Urine can cure conjuctivitis

What is the cure for geliophobia?

Cat Urine.

What does coon urine do?

hunters use coon urine as a cover scent to hide their own scent from deer- place a small amount on the bottom of your hunting boots and the deer are less likely to know you had walked there-

What is the kowari's way of communicating?

The kowari has scent glands which it uses for communicating. It uses the scent glands and its urine for marking its territory and burrows.

Does urine cure acne?

NO!! It actually doesnt

Can citro soda cure burning urine?


What do cats spry?

They usually spray urine, because it effectively carries their scent.

Why did Pierre Fauchard suggest using urine as a mouth rinse?

Because it helped cure all the fungi stuck between, and it didn't hurt or burn, but it tasted bad.

Why does a girl giunea pig urine on a boy giunea pig?

itis marking scent :)

Is there any chance of mixing of urine and scent gland secretions in animals?

Yes, it is common.

Way after baby Jesus wash Mary rubed him down with salt what was the meaning of the salt rub?

As an old tradition or mabe myth, we rub babies with salt so when they grow up, they won't have a bad scent, from feet scent to sweat scent, no bad scent at all

Is cricket urine bad is crickets urine bad?

Cricket urine is bad if it comes in contact with your skin. It will not give you serious health problems but will irritate your skin.