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If you are the person who told the lie, it is up to you to correct it. First, by admitting your wrong-doing to the person you told the lie about and making a sincere apology. Second, tell the person you told the lie to in the first place, that YOU told a lie. Beyond that, you would need to try and tell everyone you think may have heard the lie, although that may be a difficult task. Third, make amends. Without knowing whether the person who was lied about was someone you know, a friend or family member, or whether you didn't know the person, it is hard to give advice on how to make amends. It also depends on what kind and how big a lie it was. Lies of any kind are hurtful. Anyone who has been lied about knows the feeling of helplessness and betrayal that is felt.

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Q: How do you correct a lie that humiliated someone else?
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