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I do not know your perdiciment but.......coming from a woman........I am thinking what I would need would be to be SHOWN how much you love me. Men sometimes think that what they say to us is what we want. That can be true to a point, however if your ACTIONS are not matching the WORDS your saying to us...........then we feel you are Jekle and Hyde.

If you were my husband, I would want you to possibly sit me down and ask if I would give you a time frame to prove yourself and your feelings to her. No one is perfect, but if you can comit to a few things (providing she gives you another chance and providing this divorce is due to the lack of love, honor and cherrishing each other) than maybe you could try the following:

1. Never lie about ANYthing to your wife............NOT ANYTHING! If she asks you a question that you don't know how to answer, then ask her if she could explain a little more as to what she is wanting to know..............then no matter HOW bad it might make you look................DO NOT LIE! EVER!

2. Make her feel that SHE is your priority by putting her EMOTIONAL NEEDS in front of ANY of your needs! If you truley want to spend the rest of your life with this woman, than RUN AFTER her. SHOW her that you are willing to do whatever it takes to gain her love and trust back. Again,, I do not know the nature of your separation, but if this has anything to do with it, I would definitly suggest doing so.

3. If you make a promise to her (especially those that would affect your relationship such as "I won't drink anymore" etc) do NOT break that promise! If you don't think you can keep promises to her, NEVER make them then! Trust me I KNOW this!!!!!!

4. Show RESPECT for your marriage. No matter how silly you might think it looks to other people - always makedecisions based on what your spouse might feel. In other words.........if your buddies want you to go out drinking or partying - make your decision on what you honestly feel your wife would feel like if you did........if you don't KNOW how she would feel,,,,,,,,,,,just ask her. That's all there is to it! Just Ask how this or that might make her feel.

I realize I am basing my suggestions on answers to a man, however women who may be reading this should also follow the same suggestions when it comes to hubbies. I am not a professional or anything.........but am a woman who was married for over 24 years, he died, and I remarried several years later........but now wish my hubbie now would read this. :(

Good luck, and I will pray for you!

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Q: How do you convince your wife to not divorce you?
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