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Often the best way to be positive is to look positive. A person can change their voice all they want, but to look positive they need to smile. This makes other smile and they feel positively charged.

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Q: How do you control your negative emotions so that you can influence others in a positive way?
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Which negative human environmental influence is matched to the positive influence that has helped to correct it?

pesticide use - biological control of insects

Which negative human environment influence is matched to the positive influence that has helped to correct it?

pesticide use- biological control of insects

How can you always control your emotions?

The way to control our emotions is by our intellect, our choice. We have to choose emotions - emotion is energy in motion. We can choose positive emotions like love, faith, hope, courage, confidence or we can choose negative emotions like fear, worry, stress, anxiety. It's our choice. Normally, emotions are controlled by our attitude, our response, our behaviour, also, it becomes a habit. But emotions are a choice. Therefore, we can choose a positive attitude or a negative attitude by choosing emotions. The emotions become the raw material for the thought factory, the mind. Therefore, whatever we feed the mind, positive or negative, those emotions will lead to thoughts, feelings and actions. And this is a gift for a human being, we can choose our emotions.

Why do we suppress negative emotions?

Not all people suppress negative emotions. Some people will take their frustration and anger out on others verbally or physically; others may become depressed or anxious; some will work out at the gym or do other exercises to get their negative emotions in check. For those that suppress negative emotions they may want to keep their feelings to themselves because they may feel if they do not control these negative emotions they may well lose mental control and fear what they could be capable of doing. Most humans by nature either figure out their negative emotions by seeking help from a profession or discussing those negative emotions with a friend.

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A rheostat is simply a variable resistor used to control current. It does not have a positive or a negative terminal.

What is Jasper Hale's ability?

he has a calming influence over people.Jasper can control the atmospheric emotions of those around him.

Can birth control pills give you a false negative?

Hi, Your question is: Can birth control pills give you a false negative? No. Birth control pills can not give you a false negative or a false positive.

How does organisation macroenvironment affect business?

An organization's macro environment includes the technological, economic, natural, and regulatory influences that a business cannot control. Its influence can be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances.

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How can manipulation of neurotransmitters influence learning and emotions?

neurotransmitters are the chemicles that allow neurons to comunicate with each other. these firings are what allow you to think or act everything is ultimatly influenced by these transmitters. if you can properly control the transmitters then you could influence learning and emotions.

Forest fires can be positive or negative?

They're mostly negative for they get out of control really fast. But some fires burn out dead material that allows for healthier regrowth