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because u compare it

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Q: How do you compare risk assessment in health and social care?
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What is hotel model in health and social care?

compare the characteristics associated with active support and the hotel model in relation to an individual support

Health care reform is a social tax will it work?

Health Care Reform is a social tax, will it work?

What is the meaning of partnership in Health and Social care?

Explain the different models of partnership in health and social care?

What is some health assessment meaning?

Health assessment is a care plan (medical, etc.) that identifies the specific needs of an individual that requires attention from a healthcare or nursing facility. The health assessment is formed after evaluation of a physical and health exam is performed.

Why is health assessment important as a nursing subject?

The practice of "nursing" or delivering nursing care rests upon the health assessment. A health assessment asks about or observes every area of the body, mental and social health, and identifies problems through the assessment. Without an assessment, a nurse would not be as aware of the health problems affecting thispatient, or be prepared to do the patient education that this patient needs. A lack of nursing assessment would be like asking an everyday citizen to perform open heart surgery: A nurse, with proper education, training, and assessment skills can perform nursing duties that promote and protect the health and well-being of each patient.

What is in the Health Care and Social Assistance section of the NAICS?

These companies providing health care and social assistance for individuals

What is risk assessment in the context of everyday activities in health and social care?

identifying risks, estimating risks, controlling risks, monitoring effectiveness of controls and record keeping.

What is one the major areas of social policy in the US?

health care

What has the author Arlene Bowers Andrews written?

Arlene Bowers Andrews has written: 'Social History Assessment' -- subject(s): Interviewing in psychiatry, Medical history taking, Mental health services, Methodology, Outcome assessment (Medical care), Research

Ethical pronciples of health social care?

Ethical principal of health social care is that is the right thing for us to do. We need to help everyone.

Lessons learned from inquiries into serious failure of health and social care practices and from successful interventions?

lessons learned from inquiries into serious failures of health and social care practice

Health and social care?

Physical health is the state of the body and the organs functioning condition.Social care is the relation of an illness in purview of the society and health care I think.