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Q: How do you clean fecal matter off toliet?
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Does fecal matter make energy?

Yes, but if humans eat it it will not make energy. Some substances (like fecal matter) are only meant for decomposers to eat. If humans eat it it will not do anything beneficial. Fecal matter can give off methane gas when it decomposes, and the methane can be used as fuel. Frontiersmen burned buffalo chips for energy.

What are 6 signs if a bear is in the area in the game black bear?

1. A big furry animal right behind you. 2. You begin to loose blood. 3. It rips your face off. 4. Does a bear produce fecal matter in the woods? 5. Is there bear fecal matter around you? If so, there might be a bear. 6. You are dead. 7. The bear puts fecal matter on you.

How much did it cost for a twin pack Andrex toilet roll in 1997?

how much is a pack off toliet roll how much is a pack off toliet roll

How do you get wax off a toliet?

Anything with solvents in it will cut through it.

Do whales burp?

no if u feed seagulls alka selseltser they explode

How do you clean feces off elderly?

You would clean fecal matter off of the elderly in the same way you would a baby or toddler. If it is mild, you can use baby wipes or similar. If they are covered with it, or deliberately smeared themselves with it, then they would need to be bathed. If they are not mobile, then they would need to be carried to the tub. So if they are severely covered, you may need several people in protective gear to carry them to the tub. Do make sure that the tub water is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit so you won't burn them.

What effect can breathing sewage have?

first off it stinks. other effects could be gagging accompanied by purging. the air may have airborne allergens and possible fecal matter wich may be inhaled.

How do you clean dried cat feces off of tile floors?

Spray the dried cat feces with a cleaner such as 409 or Lysol. Let it sit for a moment to fully saturate the dried fecal matter then wipe it away with a disposable cloth. For good measure you can spray the area again. Be sure to dispose of the cloth you used in the trash and wash your hands immediately after, just as you would when cleaning up any matter of waste.

Can fecal matter make you sick?

Yes, fecal matter can contain harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause illness if ingested or come into contact with open wounds or mucous membranes. It is important to practice good hygiene, such as washing hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom or handling fecal matter, to prevent the spread of infections.

Why is the fur around my cats tail smelly?

If its the part around its bottom, then maybe its where its poo comes out.........Another viewCats are usually very clean. When a cat neglects its grooming it is usually for a good reason. Perhaps your cat is sick and has diarrhea. Use a soft cloth with warm water to wash off the area, a good brushing while wet will help loosen dried fecal matter.

How do you clean off the tables on wooz world?

You Must Buy A Cleaning Tool To Clean It Off. You Clean It Off By Clicking On It And Clicking Where To Clean :)

Can you get mascara off with toliet roll?

no it can't it just falls apart buy make-up wipes or use baby wipes they can work