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buy an old horse drawn wagon, put 2 exercise balls in it, balance yourself upside down with one hand on each ball, point your toes towards the G-48 galaxy while bending your knees enough to touch your elbows and swallow 4 mouthfuls of air. Works for me every single time.

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Q: How do you burp when ever you want?
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Did Joe Jonas ever burp the alphabet?


How can you get a newborn to burp?

By resting them on your shoulder or lap, which ever is preferred, and patting their backs gently until the burp comes out.

How do you burp on cue?

Plug you nose and drink something with gas and let it go

Why can't some people ever burp?

becatuse theoy souocokt

What is the longest burp ever done?

It lasted an hour and 3 seconds.

Who made the loudest burp ever?

Jodi Parks because the Guinness Book of World Records took her average burp and not her loudest burp, they recorded it as 104.75 decibels but her actual loudest burp was 107.7 decibels beating Paul Hunn.

How do you burp when you want to?

learn to swallow air on command, usually by swallowing it with saliva

Can ghosts burp?

Ghosts don't exist, so if you want them to, they do, if you don't, they don't

Would you fart burp and be annoyed of your date?

I would not fart a burp because #1,that's rude and especially if you dont cover your mouth and #2 you want to have a good date so you dont want to have bad manners around your date.

Do goats burp?

do goats burp

Why can you not burp?

Sometimes you can't burp because you never did something to do something to burp. If you would like to burp try drinking coke. Could be any any coke. The normal coca cola, diet coke you name it! If it doesn't work try to ask questions on how to burp in lots of different ways. For example How to burp? Or How can I burp? Or How do you burp?

How do you burp the ABC?

you burp, as you are burping make your mouth move as if you were saying a letter