How do you break your ankle with no pain?

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well you ask someone to put you in a deep sleep and then brake your ankle. I'm pretty sure you won't feel a thing.

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Q: How do you break your ankle with no pain?
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How do you break your ankle I'm not crazy?

Get someone to hit it with a sledge-hammer ! Be prepared for excruciating pain though !

Did Taylor Lautner break his ankle?

No,he's too sexy to break his ankle. ;)

How to break my ankle im not crazy lol i want to do this because my ankle was sprained last year and now its starting to hurt again?

Trying to break something in hopes it will benefit you when it has nothing to do with pain and can't remedy it wouldn't make sense Such issues are common following sprains - Breaking the ankle will increase join issues. Seek medical advice to discuss the pain issues and if the ankle is suffering other known symtoms

What should you do about severe pain in your ankle?

If you have severe pain in your ankle, see your doctor, or a hospital. You may need an X-ray of your ankle.

What happens when you break your ankle?

When you break your ankle either your bone snaps or is slightly cracked. You would not be able to bend your ankle.

What is the least painful way to break your ankle at home?

swing on a swing and break your ankle.

If you break your ankle can you walk on it?

You can not walk on a broken ankle, and if you could you would cry out in pain. When a bone is chipped, twisted, strained, or broken it can not withstand your body weight on top of it therefore you can not walk on it.

How do I treat ankle pain at home?

Taking a hot bath is a great way to treat ankle pain at home. Another great method for treating ankle pain at home is icing ones ankle for a long period of time.

Does a ankle hurt when you break it?

Generally, yes. Some people are ultra pain resistant though, so it may not hurt much for them

What are the causes of my ankle pain?

There could be mulitple causes of ankle pain including but not limited to arthritis, tendonitis or a sprain.

Most common way to break your ankle?

The most common way to break your ankle is by tripping or falling. You can also break your ankle while landing after a jump, walking or running, or by twisting it.

What did Achilles break?

his ankle

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