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No matter the relationship of the person you are breaking the promise with, this can be difficult. Promises should be kept, but there are always extenuating circumstances in which they are broken with good reason, and therefore should not feel the burden of guilt.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you are about to break a promise:

  • Did you make the promise with good intentions?
  • Did you make the promise carefully, thoughtfully, and responsibly?
  • Was there a clear understanding between you and the other party when making this promise?
  • Did you try to uphold your end of the promise?
  • Did circumstances dramatically change, thus preventing you from being able to fulfill the promise?
  • Would upholding the promise now put you in harm's way, or put you in a compromising situation?

If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then you can break your promise with a little ease. While breaking promises should always be the exception rather than the rule, circumstances may arise where it's necessary. You may still experience guilt, but that's natural - just keep in mind that you did everything you could to fulfill that promise, and that occasionally, some things aren't meant to be.

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Q: How do you break a promise and not feel the burden of guilt?
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How do you break a promise to God and not feel the burden of guilt I seem to have created a promise I cannot keep to Him because my promise was eternal Very serious please help?

#1 you would not feel guilty by thinking ha ha on you God. But in the end you MUST promise Him anything. With God you can trust Him and trust yourself with all you have to give and be loved. Love is a thing I promised to God even though I was more to loving my family first. But I soon learned that you can trust God with any promise you have. I learned to do God what is right and with some of my help, God's help and your church's help you can do anything and promise any thing.By the way the promise you can't do......... YOU CAN!!! Don't ever let anything get in your way with a promise to God.

Why is a promise important?

Promises, kept or not, build or break trust in human relationships. They are necessary because they allow us to feel secure, and to avoid situations or people that do not make us feel secure. If someone keeps a promise, they form a bond with the other person; while if that same person breaks the promise, they break the bond of trust in their relationship and they can be avoided. Promises are so important because they control the balance of who we do or do not allow into our lives, and let us distinguish the people with whom we feel comfortable and secure.

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What about if the promise is broken after you accept the promise ring?

If you break the promise of a purity ring, then naturally, you'll probably feel at least somewhat guilty. God will not be mad at you, though. He understands you and knows your heart. He adores you and is quick to forgive you. There's nothing you could ever do to sever His unconditional love for you. Although you may feel a little distant from God for a short time, a broken promise doesn't mean a broken relationship. You're still His beloved child. Besides, even if you break the promise and have premarital sex, it doesn't mean you have to completely let go of that promise. You can still try to do your best to remain chaste, if you so desire. No matter what, just know that God will always welcome you with open arms and a warm embrace. God bless you.

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What can you do if you see your ex in transit after 3 years and notice him staring at you and want to talk to him but are afraid to because you had a bad break up and thinks he still looks down on you?

You have a classic case of guilt. The only way to get over it is to face it. Stop your ex when you see him/her and ask if you can call sometime to talk. Appologize and let him/her know you feel bad for everything and that you needed to get it off your shoulders. Whether your ex forgives you or not doesn't matter, it is the confession that lifts the burden. If you continue feeling guilt and not resolving this matter, your health will suffer.

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maybe you feel it was for the right reasons.

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When your conscience has judged us harshly you feel a sence of?


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Can someone be immune to guilt?

Yes, If someone does something bad & they don't feel guilty for it, then, they are immune to it (excluding the old guilt trick)

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