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Try finding things in common, & find a good excuse to talk to him. Just don't act shy cause then he'll know somethings up. Have confidence and then you guys will become friends.

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Q: How do you become friends with a popular guy?
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How do you get a popular guy to notice you?

become his friend or become friends with his friends and pretend like you couldn't care less what he thinks about you!

How do you become popular if you do not like the girl or guy who is popular?

Being poppular insn't going out with a poppular it is... having lots of friends if you become good friends with these people then, they shouldn't care who you date.

I like a guy who do i become friends with him?

"I like a guy (how) do i become friends with him?" Find out what he likes (music,hobbys,clubs...).

Is there anyway you can get this popular guy to get you pregnant?

Try to make friends with him then become closer and closer until he loves you. Then you´ll get him in bed.

How can you tell if a guy likes you if your not friends with any of his friends or your not a friend of his?

become friends with the guy.. because you cant have a relationship with out knowing him

What does it mean when a guy tries to become friends with your friends?

He is trying to get close to you

How can you be friends with your crush who is popular but not you?

You become popular and get cool and dont be a loser.

How do you become popular at a uniform school?

Be yourself, be friendly, and be outgoing. Become friends with people who are already popular.

What do you do if you're popular but you're going out with a guy who is not so popular?

That should not bother you. If you like him, who cares? If your friends make fun of you, then they are not your friends.

How do you become friends with this cute guy?

Just be yourself around him

How do you know if a popular guy likes you secretly?

when his friends aren't around he talks to you and flirts with you. this means he likes you, but does not want to let his "popular" friends know.

How can you become popular at school?

Although this depends on what grade your in, it is normally how things work. And to become popular, you have to simply understand how popularity works. In Grades Kindergarten to 4, everyone has a place out of everyone in popularity, and no matterwho your firends are that's your place. In grade 5 you might start noticing groups start to form. For example, if Guy 1 was very popular, Guy 2 was average, and Guy 3 was a dork, Guy 1 will become friends with the other popular kids (creating a popular group), Guy 2 will become friends with the other average kids (forming an average group), and Guy 3 will become friends with the other dorks (creating an un-popular group). People's popularity can change during this time too. If you remain friends with less popular people and your popular, if you donèt join into the popular group, you'll be pulled to their popularity level and have to join their group. It's not a nice thing but its how it works (generally). By grade 6 these groups should almost be completely formed, but every school goes at its own rate. That should make things self-explanatory but if its not, I am about to explain it. If your in grade 4 or below, your screwed until grade 5. If your in grade 6 or up, your screwed even worse. There is a solution to become a little more popular though. Pick out your friend that is most popular. If he still likes you, you might be able to join his group. Don't try to bring all your less-popular friends along, this will mean you most likely will all get rejected. If your friend-less, work on making a couple friends. If this didn't help remember this advice, you just have to figure out how popularity works in your school. Oh, PS. If your in grade 4 or below there is a way to become one of the most popular in a year or so! Just hang out with the most popular kids. You'll become popular when groups start to form. Good luck, Brayden

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