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well, first of all you have to become awesomely cool, secondly you have to change your name to rubarby, thirdly you have to have a good car with alot of turbo in it.


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Q: How do you become famous as a child?
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Tips how a child could be famous?

a child can become famous by talent hunter i am a child and i got an audition yay hope i get the part

How do you be a famous child?

to become a famous child you would have to be born famous or start at an acting school if your talking about being famous in movies. i would suggest that you find an acting agency.

How did dannii minogue become famous?

Danni Minogue became famous when she was a child as her older sister is a famous singer and actress

How do you become a famous child singer?

Fxck a man. Go in pxrn.

When did destiny child's become famous?

Destiny's Child formed in 1997 and released their first studio album in 1998.

How can a one year old child become a famous?

if it was really clever maybe?

When did Cesar Chavez become famous?

after he gave birth to his first child then he help out the poor people and thats how he got famous

How do you become a famous child star?

you can go on the internet and look at local jobs or move to Hollywood and become a extra its really easy .

When lady gaga was a child was she interested in what shes become famous for?

Yes, very much so.

When and where are there some film auditions for child actors?

I really wan to become famous too. in Toronto

How did Mary Mary become famous?

By making good paintings. Her favorite subject was 'Mother and Child'.

How can a child become famous?

If a child would like to become famous you could try and win Britain's got talent or America idol or something. If you do a talent and put it on youtube and it catches a famous pesons eye you could get millions of viewes and become famous. You may know Maria Aragon who did a cover of born this way by lady gaga and put it on youtube, It cought lady gaga's attention and she had an inteview and she got invited to the The Monster Ball Tour and this is how she has become famous. Hope this helps xx