How do you ballbust?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1. Get a hammer
2. Grab testicle
3. Smash said hammer into said testicle. 4. Slap

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Q: How do you ballbust?
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Do Arabic girls like ballbusting?

yes, they do. at least big part of them. I've been chatting with lots of them 4 that and even have offers if i go to a town there to ballbust me ;)

What is the meaning of the slang term 'ballbust'?

The slang term ball bust means: 1) Someone who kicks a man in the testicals for any set of reasons. 2) When a person criticizes another person just so they can annoy the other person.

How to not feel pain in ballbusting?

well this is the same question in my mind.i feel very obsessed about doing ballbusting but im only afraid of the severe pain it might cause.. i guess those dominatrix and slave who doing this thing have already done operation to remove the nerve supply to the testicles , its done by cutting the nerve through the inguinal cord, i ve seen scars at some guys having ballbusting in the same area, i gues that's the thing they doing .. i really feel interested to know more about this . any one has other suggestions?

How do you get a girl to ballbust?

Hey I'm 17 and I've been ballbusting with my boyfriend for the past 6 months and I think it's really fun! When he first told me what he liked it was so unexpected but I was open to try new things and mist girls would be, you just have to introduce us slowly into it... For example, why not get round to it and tell her to give them a slap and tell her she'd be amazed at how much you can take and tell her to give it all she has then go on from there... there's nothing wrong with liking a little pain every now and then and if she doesn't want to just ask her to respect your privacy and to keep it to herself! I find it really fun and I know a lot of girls are interested to see how much boys can take... I think we're all somewhat sadistic really, hope I helped! :)