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Girls are attracted by a great personality, being shy can still mean you're an amazing person. Just be yourself and have a conversation about something you are mutually interested in and before you know it you'll be chatting away!

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Q: How do you attract girls if you shy?
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What kind of girls attract Justin Bieber?

I Think That Shy Intelligent Girls Attract To Justin Bieber Hope that answers Ur question

How do you flirt when you're a shy girl?

Well, since you are a shy girl, use your shyness i guess. Quiet girls also attract a lot of boys so just be yourself.

Why do girls like when I'm shy?

well, it makes you look like you have feelings and it makes girls want to get to know you better. Shy people always attract more girls most of the time becuase they are some what 'mysterious.' They may also think its cute, and that you possibly like them becuase you may seem nervous around them, which makes you more shy? :)

How can a shy guy attract the girl he likes?

Say hi and be not shy

You are really open around your friends but when it comes to girls you are quiet and shy will girls think you are shy?

probably, because im also really shy around girls

How not to be shy around girls?

If you imagine girls like your sister and to act like yourself, then you won't be that shy.

How do you attract shy nerdy guys?

Shove your books in his face

How can a girl attract a guy if she is shy?

show good attributes

Do guys like shy girls or girls who are more loud and act dumb?

every guy is different. I prefer shy girls but I'm more shy myself. If he is loud and dumb he probably likes girls that are load and dumb.

Why do guys like shy girls?

Because the shy girls never actually react.

Why do you guys act shy around girls?

Some people are shy by nature, there is nothing wrong with being shy and many girls would prefer a shy boy than a loud and boisterous "Big mouth" the longer you are with girls you wre with the less shy you will become with them.

Do guys that are 13 like shy girls or think they are weird?

They think shy girls are hiding something , and want to express it but can't because theyre too shy .