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You can go to prison for that! If you mean flirting and gaining her interest then stop the play acting and go up and introduce yourself to her and ask her out. Don't think for a minute that most young women want to hop in the sack with a guy immediately and would like to get to know him a little first.

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First, smile at her and see if she smiles back. If she does, then that is a good sign, and you should go over and introduce yourself/say hi. Have a brief chat, and then go. The next time you see her, you will have an excuse to speak to her, so go over and talk. Us girls like it when boys compliment us and chat. Hope it goes well and good luck!

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Q: How do you attract a girl you do not know?
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How do you attract a girl if you are a girl?

Dont try to attract a girl just be yourself and maybe they will be attracted to you. but you have to know if they are lesbians too!

Is there any perfume or powder in the world to attract a girl?

no not that i know of

What attract a girl if you are a girl?

First make sure that she is also looking to attract a girl and if she is and knows u ate looking fir a girl too then start by talking with her and get to know her then make UR move

How can you attract a girl from your college?

talk to her, dont be nervous, and ACT like you know what your doin

How can attract a girl?

i don't know; build her a cake or something Haha Napoleon Dynamite ^^

How do you attract a girl that doesn't even know you at all?

Make yourself more positively noticeable.

How does a Pisces girl attract a Virgo guy?

The same way she does with any other bot, get to know him!

How do you attract any girl?

You can't attract every girl. Everyone likes different things. Just be yourself.

How to attract an older girl?

The best way to attract an older girl, or any girl for that matter, is to be yourself. It will be to your advantage if you are mature, sensible and not afraid to approach her.

Best way to attract a girl?

Get her to like you by impressing her and making her laugh a be aload of fun you know she would like and have fun.

How do you attract the girl next door?

To attract a girl you like, you should be yourself. She will probably give you a chance if you are nice and honest.

How can a girl attract one of her girl friends?

Be yourself and have fun