How do you ask your boyfriend if he truly loves you?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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First of all lets ask what impact has the phrase "i love you" on a man.

If he is not in love with the woman who says that 2 things can happen

*if wants to be called a man,better break up with her as soon as possible and don't

say a fake "i love u too baby" cause eventually they WILL break up

*Also some "bad" guys who wanna play it playboys often find this as an opportunity

to create a permanent "way to relief themselves" that will always be there when they

have no where else to go ( yes u know what i mean).

On the other hand if the man who listens to the "i love you" phrase is really in love with

the person who says it and he believes that that person actually believes that, then

things may turn really interesting.

*If he was jealous , he will stop express it (at least to one point), or he will try to keep

it ti the minimum. Girls have also to make sure of this with their actions.

DO NOT PROVOKE HIM....(this works vice versa)

*Time by time real trust is created ,don't forget to express your feelings at any case

even if they are good or bad, a man has to know every side of his partner (also vice


Now to the main question

"Why does a man asks you if you love him?"

If you have never told him that you love him then in my opinion (i am a man)

he loves you and he wants to listen to it from you first before he express his feelings.

If you are together for some time and this phrase has been said and he still asks u then

probably u have not say for a while (insecurity) or it is you who had created all this question

with your behavior the last days/months.

AGAIN... SHARE ALL YOUR FEELINGS AND PROBLEMS.... to avoid this awkward situations.

If you are not ready to say "i love you" or answer "i love you too" then don't

BUT in the second case be honest, don't tell him that you love him back and

BREAK UP WITH HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE... he will appreciate that better

than a fake " i love you too"

ALSO by not answering "i love you too" is a cause of break up and yes if he has any pride

he will break up with you.

One last advice, get A BIT drunk... a human's true character reveals after drinking

or while plying cards(with money) , this is out of experience

PS: all of the above apply to both sexes .

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Get someone else to do it... Or you can just hint him in, and then wrap it up, by saying: "Do you like me?" and/or: "Who do you like?"

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Just ask him


You should not have to ask. He will show it and you will know it.

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i think you just look pretty and have good talents plus have a good heart <3

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just say "who do you like?"

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Q: How do you ask your boyfriend if he truly loves you?
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If he truly loves you he shouldn't lie to you but if he does ask him to stop because he is hurting you and if he loves you he will stop

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be patient he will if he truly loves you it just has to be at the right moment

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i cant

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ask him how much he loves you

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