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Cut to the chase.

"Hi, Alysia, how are you? (or "what's happening?)

She answers.

"I would really enjoy taking you to the 5th-grade dance . . . what do you think?"

Make sure that you get in that 'really enjoy' part!

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Q: How do you ask a girl to the 5th grade dance?
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How do you ask a girl to dance in the 5th grade graduation?

make conversation wiv her then when all ur friends r dancing ask her if she would care 2 dance wiv u

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl

How do you get a girl in fourth grade?

What you do is complement her then wait and maybe she'll talk to you. Step 2 if there's a dance at your school and if they play a slow dance ask her to dance

What do you do if you love a boy in the 8th grade and he doesn't know you like him and you want to dance with him at the last dance how do you get him to dance with you?

well be strong girl go up and ask just because we are girls dose not mean we can not ask =]

What kinds of things can you do at a 7th grade dance if you are a girl without a date?

Go with a group a friends. It will be more fun and if a cute boy ask you to dance then girl just say yes.

What do you do to get more friends if i am a 5th grade girl?

Go and ask someone to be your friend? It works really.

How do you know if a girl is cheating on you in 5th grade?

In order to know that ask her besties they will know for sure.

In 7th grade if you like a girl should you ask her out to a dance?

Sure! But she might not be allowed to actually go out on a date. Maybe just ask her out first...

How does a 5th grade boy propose a 5th grade girl?

look i am a 5th grade girl so i know a lot about girls. no affense but i think that 5th grade is not a grade for dating but if you really like the girl then i think that you should tell her how you feel but do not be dramatic about it if i where in your situation i would go up to her and say i have a crush on you and if she says she likes you then ask her out but if she says no then give up it happens all the time just move on

How do you get a guy to ask you to the 6th grade dance?

you don't, you ask him.

If a 5th grade boy is a 5th grade girl ex and he says thangs mean but the girl likes hi what does the girl say?

take advise from a guy well if you like him you should try to be friends with him and ask who he likes and he will tell you but you have to be good friends

What do you do to get a 5th grade boy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

flirt with him/her and let him relize what you have that one girl doesnt have