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you could say 'Jūs datums mani?' which means will you date me.

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Q: How do you ask a girl out in latin Either by Saying or writing it?
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What does it mean when a girl says awkward?

Either they don't get what you're saying or they think you're wierd. This is from a girl.

What does it mean if a guy stares at a girl when she is talking to somebody?

Either the guy is interested in that girl, or he just was interested in what she was saying.

Did justin write the song latin girl for Selena Gomez?

YES he did write it for SELENA GOMEZ because she is Latin and she is he's Latin girl, aw how sweet is that, she wrote a song for him ( love you like a love song) and he wrote a song for her (my Latin girl) but you do noJUSTIN BIEBER doesn't write his song himself he only wrote 2 songs or 1 song...... JUST SAYING!

How do you tell her that you like her?

you tell a girl you like her by either saying it to her face or getting someone else to say it to her for you

What Latin translation for the word the in Latin?

Technically, there is no article "the" in Latin, as such is implied in the noun itself.For example, when in English you would have to say "the man" or "a man" to be grammatically correct, the same is not true in Latin--there are no definite or indefinite articles, for they are replaced by suffixes that give to the noun different meanings. For example: Puella (girl)singularnominative: puella (the girl)genitive: puellae (of the girl)dative: puellae (to the girl, for the girl)accusative: puellam (to the girl)vocative: puella (oh, girl!)ablative: puella (by the girl, with the girl, in the girl)The sentence in Latin, "Vir ambulat" could be translated as either "The man is walking" "A man is walking" based on context.If you are composing a Latin sentence based on English, there is no need to include a translation of the article "the." For you have to take into account all the cases that existed in Latin.

If you text a girl saying hi then they reply saying heeeey followed by a smiling winking emoticon then do they like you?

She either likes you or she's just being friendly.

What music video is a girl writing on walls and on her leg writing in french saying he loves me a little not at all because the guy is a drug addict and not paying attention to her?

alesha brakney love of a miracle

What is the meaning of Justin Bieber's song Latin Girl?

There is no confirmed meaning of Latin Girl. It is rumored to be about a girl that Justin Bieber dated in the past.

How do you find an American husband when you are a Latin girl?

I seek a latin wife.

What does it mean when a girl blushes with you while saying bonjour and hi to you at once?

This means that either she is very bubbly and nice or she really likes you and thinks your cute:)

Who is Justin bieber song latin girl about?

Selena Gomez duhh.^ uhh no the song is for ALL latin FANS! People thought he hated latin fans so he wrote Latin Girl to show he loves his Latin fans.

What does the latin words mea pulchra puella?

What the Latin word "puella" means in English is girl. To say girls (as in plural) in Latin you say puellae?