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There are multiple ways to add a sibling to a family on Here are some of the methods I use:

Let's look at Elizabeth Schmidt as an example. If you are in the Profile View for Elizabeth Schmidt (this is the view where Elizabeth Schmidt is shown at the top left, and below her is her specific information, such as birth, marriage, death, etc., and to the right is a list of her parents, spouse, and children), click on the "Add A Family Member" button (underneath the list of children) and select either "Brother" or "Sister" as appropriate. Then fill in the correct information and click on "Save."

Alternatively, if you are in the Family Tree Pedigree view, and Elizabeth Schmidt is the main person on the left side of the tree, you would need to click first on one of her parents. This will make them the main person on the left side of the tree. You then click on "Add Child," fill in the correct information, and click on "Save."

Either of these processes will add a sibling to your target person.

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Q: How do you add a sister or brother on ancestry com?
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