How do vampires stay clean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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they go to your mom

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Q: How do vampires stay clean?
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Were do vampires stay?

Vampires prefer to stay at Best Western hotels because the rooms are clean, the service is excellent and the price is affordable. Everyone should consider staying with us on their next trip.

Does vampires become more prettier?

No. Vampires stay the same forever.

Do they both Bella and edward stay like vampires or they turned human?

They both stay vampires. There is no way to turn back into a human.

What are the vampires' phases?

vampires donot phase into anything they stay the same way.7;3

What are some nice Wizards of Waverly Place episodes?

Saving Wiz Tech Part 1 & 2 are good and clean. My advice; stay away from the vampires/werewolves ones.

When should vampires stay hidden?

during the sun

What should vampires stay away from?

Vampires should stay away from holy water garlic, mirrors, the cross ,the sun, blood typeAB-, gold, and blue chalk.

How can human vampires stay healthy?

Half Vampires? Well, my friend is quite healthy ^^ I don't know what she does. But shes fine. We're both vampires though.

What do vampires stay away from?

Vampires typically avoid sunlight, garlic, crosses, holy water, and religious symbols like crucifixes. They are also known to avoid running water and silver.

Why do vampires need it to stay alive?

In folklore, vampires are said to drink blood to stay alive because it contains the life force of the victim. This act is commonly associated with gaining strength and longevity.

Did women on the goldfields stay clean?

woman did stay and clean but not all the time cause they had to look after kids and clean

When a female vampire and a male vampire have a baby will the baby ever grow up or stay as a baby forever just like the parent vampires stay as they are never to grow up or look older?

Vampires or vampyres cant have babie because female vampires stay still their bodys cant change and you need to change to allow room in the womb