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They worship the elders and sacarifice a chicken in their honnor.

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Q: How do the villagers show respect for the egwugwu?
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How are Chielo and Egwugwu similar?

They represent the gods and the gods' will. They are said to be taken by the spirit of the gods. The villagers immensely respect them as they are sacred beings.

How do the villages show respect for the egwugwu?

They worship the elders and sacarifice a chicken in their honnor.

How do the villagers respond to the arrival of egwugwu?

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What is the women's attitude towards the egwugwu?

The women's attitude towards the egwugwu is that they are to respect them. They are not to go to their house, yet they are the ones to paint the walls on the outside

What was done to the egwugwu that caused them to be angry?

One of the egwugwu was unmasked, killing the egwugwu.

What is an egwugwu?

In the story, Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, egwugwu are the spirits of the ancestors of Nigerian tribes. Great men of these tribes wear masks that can have a rather terrifying look about them, which is exactly how it is supposed to make you feel. The most disgraceful things you can do to an egwugwu would be to unmask it in public, which kills the spirit. When an egwugwu dies, the mother spirit cries a dreadful cry for the death of her son for a week. The egwugwu were also summoned whenever the villagers needed to settle disputes in a court. The spirits of the ancestors were said to be the highest judges in the land.

Who unmasked an egwugwu?

Enoch, a Christian convert, unmasks an egwugwu, killing it.

What are the egwugwu In Things fall apart?

The egwugwu are the ancestral spirits of the clan.

What is term to show respect for?

Show some respect is the term to use when you want someone to show you respect.

Was okonkwo in things fall part a spirit?

Okonkwo did play the role of an egwugwu in the egwugwu court.

Who do the egwugwu represent?

"Egwugwu" is used in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe to represent the gods.

How do you show respect for your community?

you can show respect by helping others