How do teeth help you talk?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they dont exacty help you talk they just help you speak more clearly......;)

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Q: How do teeth help you talk?
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How do braces help others?

they help straten teeth They help your teeth become straight so they look nice when you are older. It also makes it easier to eat, smile, talk etc. etc... it boost self confidence too.

How do beavers teeth help?

Their teeth help them with cutting wood!

My son has beautiful straight teeth but one of his bicuspids does not have room to come down. We are considering braces at the recommendation of an ortho.Will braces help overcrowding of teeth?

yes, braces will help this problem for sure. talk to your orthodontist about the exact treatment plan, and ask questions to help make your decision. check out

Which teeth are the helping teeth?

they all help

How do claws and teeth help a giant panda survive?

The claws help them climb and the teeth help them chew.

How does teeth help in speaking?

teeth helps body

What has teeth but can't talk?

Gears. A comb.

What do a raccoons teeth help it eat?

There teeth help them eat hard shells to get to the nuts and barries.

How do ultraviolet rays help your bones and teeth?

it gives you rays that help your bones and teeth grow

How does a horse's teeth help them?

They help them to eat.

Does drinking milk help you straighten your teeth?

No. Milk will help keep the enamel on the teeth strong. You need an orthodontist to straighten teeth.

How do ultraviolet telescopes rays help your teeth and bones?

it gives you rays that help your bones and teeth grow