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They are born with their penises. Shemale is an offensive term for a crossdressed or surgically enhanced male porn actor. Such males obtain a female appearance with hormones and sometimes surgeries and appear in pornographic materials.

On rare occasion, these are preop transsexual women working in porn trying to save up for their sex-reassignment surgery. Most transsexual women hate their penises, want them gone, and are offended at the notion of other transsexual women doing this kind of work. They want to be accepted the same as women born with their female parts and see the actions of transsexuals in porn as undermining the respect they are seeking as ordinary women. Often, the TS women who do model in pornography for the money regret it, since their audience will never let them live it down and think of them the same as women who never had a penis. But the pain of being in the "wrong body" is so intense when there is no means to correct it that some compromise their morals or engage in unsafe behaviors such as injecting foreign substances into their chest cavities.

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Q: How do shemales get their penises?
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