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plants get food from the sun which is called photosynthesis but don't digest it, instead they store it to stay alive.

Zenfox3:"dont the get food by using water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun to make suger which is what they eat?"

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they get the energy to live and grow from water and from the sun!

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Q: How do plants get energy to grow and live?
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Where do you get the energy to live and grow?


Where do plants get energy live and grow?

Break down of sugar by photosynthesis

How do plants get the energy they need?

by eating the soil. that makes them grow and live a better longer life

Why do plants undergro photosynthesis?

They do so to make food.Plants get two things.They are energy to live and carbon to grow

How radiant energy helps plants grow?

the sun helps the plants grow because the sun gives them energy

How do plants get energy to grow and develop?

they get energy from the sun

How do plants grow in the light?

Photosynthesis helps plants grow by using energy from then sun.

Why do plants grow to the light?

Plants phtosynthesise to produce energy. Photosynthesis involves turning light energy into chemical energy (glucose) so plants grow towards light so that they can absorb more light and therefore produce more energy that they use to grow etc.

What plants grow in Austria?

They grow peaches!

Can energy plants help plants grow?

No, they will probably kill the plant.

Why do animal eat food?

to surviveAnimals have to eat food to live. You get energy from food for your cells to keep active and working well and healthy. Different animals eat different things for their own body.

Why do plants go around the sun?

Plants grow by photosynthesis in which they use sunlight as energy. In other ways, plants must have light to grow