How do plant obtain oxygen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I believe the process is called,"Photosynthesis"!

Plants do not obtain oxygen they produce oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. The sun produces energy and they change carbon dioxide and water into food oxygen is a byproduct of this process.

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the oxygen they give us is obtain from water which they break down into its molecules that is hydrogen and oxygen.

hydrogen is used to convert co2 to sugar.oxygen we breath it in as well as plants in the absence of light.

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Q: How do plant obtain oxygen?
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Where do living things get oxygen and glucose from?

We obtain oxygen from air where the depleted oxygen in form of CO2 would be restored to O2 by plant. We obtain glucose by consuming carbohydrate which was produced by plant over the photosynthesis making glucose and join up to carbohydrate.

How does your body obtain oxygen?

Our body obtain oxygen to our body by breathing.

Do consumers obtain oxygen by eating plants or organisms that have eaten plants?

consumers take in oxygen by both the ways. in where for a vegetarian it will be only obtaining oxygen by eating plant and for a non - vegetarian it will be both the ways .

What is the structure through which crustacean obtain oxygen?

Crustaceans obtain oxygen through gills.

How do squids obtain oxygen?

They get oxygen from their gills.

How do they obtain oxygen?

Who is "they" ?

Where do you obtain oxygen from?

you obtain oxygen from your lungs you could breath through your nose and through your mouth

How does a multicellular organism obtain oxygen?

multicellular organisms obtain their oxygen through the respiratory system

How do humans obtain oxygen?

We obtain oxygen by breathing in fresh air. Carbon dioxide comes out of us.

Does the skeleton obtain oxygen?

No. The skeleton dose not get oxygen

How do pterodactyls obtain oxygen?

Pterodactyls do not obtain oxygen at this time because they are extinct. While they existed, they probably obtained oxygen in the same way that birds today obtain it through the use of lungs.

How do drown?

plants drown because their roots have mitochrondia (in them which supply the plant with energy to survive) that need air which they take from the air spaces in the soil. If there are no air spaces the plant cannot obtain oxygen and they 'drown'.