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Just keep asking questions on that topic. Then more questions might come up.

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Q: How do people keep casual conversation going?
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Why would this guy initialize a conversation about something going on tv then when after a couple texts back and forth i say whats up then he doesnt answer?

If a guy initiates a conversation about something on TV, and prefers to keep the texts between the two of you casual, he does not want a love kind of relationship.

When a guy wants to keep the conversation going does that mean he likes you?

Either that or he finds the topic of conversation fascinating or amusing.

What is a Visual Base?

they keep a metal picture going during conversation

How do you keep convo going?

You can keep a conversation going by bringing in topics of interest. You might like to bring in topics that you both like talking about.

How do i talk to a girl?

Talk to her like you have known her for a while or like she is your best friend. Be calm & just don't tell her about somthing dumb.Try to stay casual and ask open ending questions(in other words, no yes or no questions. Keep the conversation going)

How to keep a conversation going with a man through text?

It's annoying when the conversation dies out or maybe its even boring. Here are some flirty texts to keep him and the conversation fun and playful. Men love playfulness in a woman! Link in my bio!

Who is Justin Bieber's perfect match?

a smart girl, that can keep a conversation going ,pretty,

When do you talk and stop?

Talk when you are talked to, but don't be hecka boring sometimes you need to start a conversation because no one likes a person who can't start or keep a conversation going

How do you keep a conversation going with a women?

if u have nothing to say. then kiss her. if she hates it run. if she likes it then u got it good. :)

For some people is it hard to keep a conversation?

yes, but only if they never spend time together.

How do you keep a text conversation going with a girl you like please help ASAP and please no joaking?

To keep a conversation going with a girl you need to ask her questions and see what the two of u have in common. Also give her suddle hints to who you are and the kind of things you like so she has something to work with when it comes to her asking u questions.

Ur a 13 yr old boy you can start a conversation with girls but you dont know how to keep them going how can i keep them going?

Give them complements about their clothes and they wont stop talking. Tease them a little too, but dont be a dick