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to provide the benifit in our lives

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Q: How do organic compounds benefit and harm your health and the environment?
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Are organic compounds bad for health?

This depends for each compound.

What are organic compounds necessary to sustain life and maintain good health called?


How can you find more information about organic compounds?

Organic compounds, also referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are chemicals present in many commonly used products. For more information look to the US Environmental Protection Agency or National Institute of Health websites.

What are organic compounds that are necessary in small amounts to maintain good health and sustain life?


How many people recommend organic food?

All the ones who are concerned about their health and the environment.

What compounds does mercury form?

All forms of mercury are quite toxic, and each form exhibits different health and and it can be part of both inorganic and organic compounds.

Are organic foods good for the environment?

Yes, organic foods are good for the environment because of cultivation and nutritiousness. Organic foods are grown in environmentally friendly ways that prioritize flavor and health over appearance and yield. Their production minimizes the occurrence of environmental stresses such as erosion and pollution and health problems such as cancer and obesity.

What is the objective of organic food?

The objectives of organic farming are to protect the environment and human health. They protect the environment because they do not pollute it like regular agriculture. They protect health because they don't contain the trace chemicals present in "regular" food that can cause diseases like cancer.

Is organic baby formula proven to be healthier?

There is no proof that organic baby formula is better for a child's health. However, organic foods are typically better for the environment, which may be a good reason to use them.

What are the advantages of using organic foods?

The advantage is that organic foods do not contain the trace amounts of harmful chemicals present in conventional foods that can cause health problems. Also, organic foods are better for the environment. That's because they don't release pollutants into the environment like conventional agriculture does.

Is fungai a decomposer?

Most fungi get organic compounds from dead organisms. They are decomposers called saprotrophs. ... As decomposers, fungi are vital for the health of ecosystems. They break down nonliving organic matter and release the nutrients into the soil.

What is the problem with VOC'S?

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, contribute to air pollution and can have negative health effects, such as respiratory irritation and worsening of asthma symptoms. They also contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone and smog, which can harm both humans and the environment. Reducing VOC emissions is important for improving air quality and protecting public health.