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That all depends on the type of man! Ususally they feel bad about it and do something or nothing, but maybe about 5-10% don't really care at all.

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Q: How do men feel when they are caught lying?
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How would a wife feel if she caught her husband lying to her about how many times he cheated on her?

Double betrayed

Why do men blame their wives for their cheating when they are caught?

ANSWER:Because they didn't expect to get caught. The excitement of hiding and lying are what makes them feel alive. But because they got caught, the truth will come out and this is when they will start blaming their wife. Married man who commit infidelity with or without reason will always blame the wife. My point of view gentlemen.

How do you tell someone you know they are lying without making them feel mad?

You don't make anyone feel mad or any other way. We all choose how we feel. If the person is lying and you are sure they are, call them on it. It does no one any good to let it continue. If they want to get mad about being caught lying, that is their problem, not yours.

How do you men feel about another girl lying down on your wife nursing-drinking her breastmilk?

love it

Why do people deny lying when they have been caught out lying?

People deny lying because they want to find a way out of it.

Do men act mean to their partners if they are cheating or lying?

They can act mean, if they feel they are being pressured into revealing the truth of their actions, or simply because they feel guilty for keeping such things secret.

What happens when a scientist is caught cheating or lying and how are they penilized?

on what dummy?

Why do men lie about seeing someone while you are on a little break?

Cheating is like lying and neither will confess to what they are doing because instinctively they know it is wrong and they hope they just won't get caught.

Why does your parents say your lying even though you are not lying and you know it truly?

Depends on the circumstances. Either they have caught you lying a lot or the story you are telling them doesn't sound like the truth.

What is a sentence with the word credibility?

One's credibility can be undermined if one is caught lying.

Jason is lying dead with an iron bar across his back and some food lying in front of him how did he die?

Jason is a mouse that was caught by a mouse trap.

How did Pip feel lying to joe?

He felt guilty.