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How can long have you known this person? Because if you do not know each other well, then an 'I love you' may not be the best option.

But back to the actual question; you can say, 'I love you' when you have shared a good joke, or are talking about something romantic or just say, 'I love you' when she says or does something cute. Say it without following it up with a huge laughter, look into her eyes and smile after having said it. Maybe kiss her, or just hold her hand and get back to what you were doing.

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I like you!

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Q: How do i say i love you without saying i love you?
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How do you say 'I love you' to your boyfriend in grade six without actually saying it?

You shouldn't be saying I love you in sixth grade, but if you want to tell your boyfriend it without actually saying it, then write him a note.

Why do men say much love at the end of a phone conversation?

This is a masculine way to show affection, while saying goodbye on the phone without saying "I love you".

How would you know if he really loves you if he doesnt say it or show it?

Saying it doesn't prove much; he could say it without meaning it, or do it without saying it, but if he doesn't show it, then he doesn't love you in any meaningful way.

How do you tell a girl you love her without saying it?

You really should say it. But if you really want to cover it up, try saying it in a different language.

Which is better to say i love you or I'm in love with you?

Saying you are in love is better, but don't rush into saying it

Can you feel love without saying it?

Based on other's care and actions towards you, you should can feel love without one saying it to you.

How would you slyly tell someone you love them without actually saying I love you to them?

"You know how people say 'I love you' to each other? Well that's how you make me feel."

When should you say i love you?

when you say "i love you" it has a meaning! i love you is a sign of saying , i need you and i want to be with you forever.

What dose i love you mean?

i love you means, finding someone you can trust and figureing out you cant live without them and when you say i love yo make sure it is the rite person before saying it

How do you say i like you without saying i like you?

i love you You tell them you like something about them- complement them on something they do or the way they look or something like that.

How do you say i love you in Canada?

You say "I love you" in Canada by saying "I love you" or by saying "je t'aime. " Some areas of Canada speak English while others speak French.

How do you say we all love you in Australian?

you can say i love you in Austrian by saying "I hab di gean"