How do i make out with someone?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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If you re ready to go further thn just kissing, or a peck o the cheek (which lets face it is quite boring) you are ready to snog:

1. Make sure you are both ready for this. Is she/he OK with this? Are you?

2. Don't rush into it. Maybe just hold hands for a bit, give each other a hug.

3. When the moment is right, lean your face towards your partner's.

4. Begin witha gentle kiss, then open your mouth.

5. Start opening and closing your mouth, your bf/gf will probably catch on and follow your lead.

6.Now, if it is going well and you are confident and comfortable, gently put your tongue behind your lips.

7.When you open your mouth push your tongue forward into their mouth. However, this may be unappropriate for your first snog, though.

8. After a short few seconds, you should probably stop - remember you can go for longer when you are more confident.

Hope I helped and good luck - don't be pressured into anything. Go with the flow!

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You dont put your tounge in their mouth

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ask them out or something

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Q: How do i make out with someone?
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