How do humans pollute land?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Humans pollute land by either not recycling or just by the cars, factories etc.

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Q: How do humans pollute land?
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How can you pollute land?

You can pollute the land by littering and using gas in cars. I suggest you don't pollute.

How do ocean affect land?

they pollute it they pollute it

How does humans pollute aquifers?

Humans pollute aquifers by dumping pollutants such as chemicals and fertilizers into the water sources.

What do wolves pollute?

Wolves pollute nothing. They only give to the Earth. Humans are the one's who pollute everything. >:<

Do animals other than humans pollute?


Who pollutes rivers?

humans pollute rivers!

Does Diesel pollute?

Of course, diesel can pollute the air, land and water. It's a fossil fuel and it can pollute a great deal.

What are 2 examples how humans interact with environment?

They pollute

How do humans impact the lakes environment?

They pollute it with chemicals!

Can human pollute water?

Yes. Humans have the capacity to pollute water with no difficulty. They most certainly can and do. Take the Chesapeake Bay for example. Yup. Most pollution comes from humans

Why it important not to pollute the environment?

It is important not to pollute the environment because this is our Earth. If we destroy it, then we have nothing clean to live in, and this is not good for humans.

How can humans affect an ecosystem?

Humans can destroy the environment, humans can pollute, humans can capture animals, and sometimes humans can clean up trash.