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Humans get their food by farming and raising animals and crops. They also get their food by hunting and by fishing.

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you poo on it

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Q: How do humans get their food?
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Do humans eat red algae?

Red algae is a source of food and food additives for humans.

What food is there?


Where do humans get there energy?

Humans use food for energy.

Why is a plains leopard frog important to humans?

it is a food source for an animal that is a food source for humans

Why do humans have to have food?

Humans need food to use for energy, without energy we die basically.

How does red algae affect humans?

Red algae are a source of food and food additives for humans.

Does a hyena provide food for humans?

No, humans virtually never take scavengers or top carnivores as food.

How can changes in a food web affect humans?

humans will fly.

Why do humans cook food?

Humans cook food for mainly food safety reasons. If we ate everything raw, we would get foodborne illness.

What are humans considered in the food web?

Humans can be anything beyond the primary consumers on the food web. (They are second and above).

How do humans get glucose?

Humans must eat food to acquire glucose.

Is red algae helpful or harmful to humans?

i dont no it may be if u get the answer tell us