How do hot hands work?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Usually hypoglycemia, Diabetes, or blood sugar problems. Sometimes too not getting enough oxygen in the blood (perhaps iron deficiency) therefore blood not being able to circulate efficiently.

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They are a mixture of iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. These ingredients undergo an exothermic oxidation process, (that is they rust and get hot......) smartestpersononplanet

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Q: How do hot hands work?
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You work at a coffee house and your hands are stained from the coffee how do you get the coffee stains from your hands?

hot water and soap

How does hot hands by heat max work?

Ir rubs and it makes static electricity so it makes your hands worm.

Why do your hands start to itch after using hot water?

This has something to do with your germs and stuff on your hands. I suggest that you use Germ-X, and if that doesn't work, after you dip your hands in hot water, dip them in cold water. That always works for me.

How does hot water effect hands?

hot water effects your hands is that your body is not hot blooded

Is it possible to make your hands immune to fire For example catch your hands on fire without burning them?

No. While people who work with hot things can get used to the pain of touching hot things, human flesh will be destroyed by fire or an exposure to a temperature above 75 degrees centigrade.

Are werewolves hands are hot?

It depends on what they've been doing and what the weather's like. Their hands are never always hot or always cold.

How do you wash foundation sponge?

what i would do is run some warm or hot tap water and use hand soap and just work it in your hands.

What are hot hands used for?

The disposable and portable product Hot Hands is used to keep hands warm in extreme conditions. These conditions are usually related to being in very cold climates where hands can get cold or develop frostbite.

Why do your hands get warm when you have a hot cocoa in your hand?

Because the warm hot chocolate warms the cup and the cup warms your hands. also if you put your hands over the cup and feel the steam that will warm your hands.

How close to royalty were royal laundresses and how extensive was their daily work?

They didn't come in contact very much. The laundry was brought to them and it was very hard work. The soaps they used were corrosive and their hands were always rough and red and the work was endless. Since there were no washing machines they had their hands in hot water every day. It was not a fun job and was hard work.

How hot will the sun be if you put your hands on it?


Why do your hands itch and go red after holding a hot cuppa or washing up?

If you were holding a hot cup and your hands are red and itchy you may have burned them. If your hands are itchy and red after washing your hands you may be allergic to the soap.Tay Tay Rules